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Monday, January 30, 2006

Research as of Today

So far my research topic has been a success. Picking a topic that interests me made the work fun and interesting thus far. Cindy Sherman is a great role model and a wonderful subject to study. I have picked up my first book titled "Cindy Sherman," and have begun my reading. I have also made a synopsis of my research paper and what the paragraphs will include. After switching my synopsis with another individual, I hope to recieve information and questions that will make my topic more interesting to a reader who does not know exactly who Cindy Sherman is. Peer review is always a nice place to start because you recieve input and questions from someone who is also working on the same assignment. I have also recieved questions from another classmate after switching topics. I feel that my topic will be intriguing because of the fame and success Cindy Sherman has achieved by being a female artist. I will soon gather more sources so my paper will have multiple references. My first book has little print but alot of her photographic work, so I also hope that I will be able to find a book with more information including Sherman's strive to success. I would love to show photos of her work with my research paper so the reader would be able to follow her work without being so confused. I will soon look in newspapers and magazines for articles on my topic and I will also start browsing the web for another source.


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