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Sunday, February 05, 2006

expository v.s. persuasive

After picking my research topic I decided I would have to base my information off an expository or persuasive type paper. My subject being a person I felt that an expository paper would be most suitable for my research. My topic is Cindy Sherman, an artist well known for her self-portrait shots involving stereotypical characteristics of society. An expository research paper involves writing that explains to the audience who, what, when, why and how. I figured I could base my research off Sherman's present, past and future. After looking into my subject I found that I could even write some of my paper as an persuasive aspect but mostly expository. I could persuasade the audience that Sherman was a true artist even though she did not develop or take her own photos. After realizing this, I felt that keeping my paper as an expository would be most beneficial to the audience. I could explain exactly who Sherman is and then begin to persuade the audience that Sherman was indeed an artist and not just a snap shot photographer. I can summarize her life and then proceed into the pros and cons of her work. I feel that this plan will keep the audience interested in how and why she became who she is instead of confusing the audience that has no idea who Cindy Sherman is.


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