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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


One interesting fact that I learned while studying Cindy Sherman is that she did not take most of her photos. Many people classify Sherman as a photographer when she doesn't really take most of her work. Sherman said, "The only reason I do not call myself a photographer is that I don't think other people who consider themselves photographers would think I'm one of them."
Cindy had creativity. She used this tool to imagine different ideas that could be captured by film. In her untitled film stills, cindy used a string to pull the camera to expose an image. Her father also took one of the stills of his daughter. Cindy's friends took some and others.

Cindy did not think that she should be recognized as a photographer but rather as an artist. For what she created was an image, but an image used to portray something else other than herself. Even though these images were created with Cindy as the model, they did not entile Cindy as a person. Her face in all the images, as different women, as different eyes.


Blogger kelly said...

wow, i totally thought she was a photographer. I still don't quite understand exactly what she did then. Maybe specifically stating what she does will help the readers that know nothing about her, like i me! haha

2:42 PM

Blogger Chris said...

That's really interesting. I thought she was the photographer. She still knew what she was doing and her art was very creative.

2:52 PM

Blogger SaraA said...

She was the photographer!!! Many of her early work shows her holding the remote for the camera, she only had friends held her here and there to push the button when she couldn't, but she did all the set up and the lighting and the ideas. If you watch documentaries on her you will see aside from those moments during the untitled film series, she is the one setting up and triggering the camera and lights and makeup. she even uses a mirror as she's shooting to get her poses and has said she doesn't like working with people in the room.
All photographers have moments when they are forced to have someone else hold the camera. that does not remove their position as photographer. Being a photographer doesn't just mean holding the camera. A true art photographer is in control of everything involved in making the image.

4:47 PM


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