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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fine Tuning my Topic

I feel my topic is not too broad but perhaps a perfect length for my research paper.
I have found 3 books. One including all Sherman's Film Stills and a short 4-5 page biography.
Another book I have found includes Cindy Sherman as a Female Artist. Women Making Art, by editors Deborah Johnson and Wendy Oliver explains Sherman's Film Stills as a more of a contraversy. Chapter 5 is titled "Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills: Reproductive or Transgressive Mimicry? (1977-1981)" This Chapter includes a tiny biography and then explanations of some of Sherman's film stills.
My topic is not too boring or contraversial. I feel it will have good points on why Sherman was an artist even though some of her work was crude. I also feel that my audience will keep interest to find out what possessed Sherman to create this different film stills.
My paper may be one sided, but I will use quotes and paraphrase Sherman's friends and enemies on her work. I will use critiques to show both sides of the story and of her Film-Stills.


Blogger kelly said...

Hey Jessica,
I dont think you paper will be that one sided. Explaing facts on why she chose what she did, is just information. I think it will be great for your paper to tell what work she did and why. If I read your paper, I would deffitenly want to look up some photos she took.

2:32 PM

Blogger Chris said...

Those all seem like good sources and it's not sounding to one sided. Just like you said, add some of her quotes and paraphrase and it'll be fine.

No, your topic isn't boring. Most people have never even heard of Cindy before, so some people will enjoy reading something new.

2:45 PM

Blogger Cory said...

No your paper is not one sided or too broad. I really like that picture by your profile.

3:16 PM


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