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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

First Source Summary

My first source is titled "Cindy Sherman" and contains essays and her collection of film stills. The essays are written by Peter Schjeldahl and Lisa Phillips. There is only a small section of history of Cindy Sherman located in the front of the book. I learned so far that Sherman was born in New Jersey and was a student at the State College University of New York in Buffalo. Cindy was one of five children. She was always busy and creative even as a young child. She always had to be doing something crafty while she did what other children would do. Cindy was fascinated with costumes, mirrors, and was very self-involved. These would be positive characteristics as Sherman would grow and find herself in the art world. Cindy had already produced one hundred thrity photographs of herself by age twenty-three. The photographs were self-portraits of Sherman. She used costumes to dress up in different situations that women played roles among. Sherman did not consider her work, "art photography," but rather just art. It is said that Sherman did not take most of the photos and that she only used a shutter cord in a few of her images. Sherman had friends and family take her photos for her and did not consider herself a profound photographer. Sherman developed her prints at corporate firms and did not process the film herself. Sherman is known for her early black and white film stills and her color photography later. Sherman was also known for her crude and pretenious photographs.


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