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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jessica Naples

Professor Hanes

English 10002


What makes a good research paper?

1.) My topic, Cindy Sherman is an appropriate topic because of her famous artwork. My topic will be interesting because the individual I will study has had an interesting life. Cindy Sherman has led a life in and out of the art world and it will be interesting to see the differences.
2.) Cindy Sherman is a narrow subject because she is just one person. My audience will include art students, historical influenced artists, and even photographers. I also feel the average person would like to read about Cindy Sherman because she has had a great impact on our society and the roles we play as humans.
3.) My thesis will consist of why Cindy Sherman became famous and how. I may even explain the controversy of Sherman’s work within my paper.
4.) My evidence will come from individuals who have studied Sherman’s work and even may have known her personally. I will collect information from biographies written by authors who have factual backgrounds.
5.) I will use direct quotes from Cindy and individuals that have studied her work. I will paraphrase and cite the person who said it correctly.
6.) In my Works Cited, I will explain all the sources and throughout my paper I will give credit to those who deserve it.
7.)My organization of the paper will be quite simple. First I will start off with the history and background of Cindy Sherman. Then I will proceed into her life as an artist and how she became a famous female artist. Next I will discuss the end results of her success and how her work affected the world.
8.) Writing an expository essay will include much paraphrasing and direct quotation. I feel that I will bring my own thoughts into the paper by including what I felt was necessary about the artwork and who thought it was art or not art and why. I will also include my own language instead of direct quotation most of the time, unless it is needed to draw attention to the statement.


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