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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Topic: Cindy Sherman

I. Introduction
A.Quote opening from Sherman (“I didn't have any interest in traditional art.”)
Thesis Sentence (Cindy Sherman provoked new ideas into the art-world and gave inspiration to other female artists…)
Main Points ( Who is Cindy Sherman, Why is she important? )
Transition of childhood into first paragraph of beginning of her life

II. First Point ( Childhood of Cindy Sherman )
Beginning of life
Childhood, early adulthood, events etc.
Background information of artist

III. Second Point ( Cindy Sherman into Adulthood )
Cindy Sherman and her art
Cindy in College
Cindy’s big break
Photography V.S. Painting
How Cindy became a successful artist?
What made her art such a controversy?
Who did this art affect?
Why did her art impact the world?

IV. Third Point ( Cindy Sherman Becomes famous artist)
How did Cindy become such an idolized artist?
What did Cindy Sherman feel about her fame?
What did others think about Cindy?
Where is Cindy now?

V. Conclusion
Topic Sentence (Bring all information together)
Summary of first point (Cindy’s childhood impacted/did not impact her career..)
Summary of second point (Cindy’s famous work…)
Summary of third point (After her art became popular, Cindy…)
Conclusion (Tie all three main points together to balance end sentences)


Blogger kelly said...

wow, that is really good! This is a great ouline! it looks like you have almost everything put together!!

2:45 PM

Blogger Chris said...

Good looking outline. This makes writing your paper so much easier when you have an outline. Everything looks to be in order too.

Keep up the good work.

2:55 PM


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