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Thursday, February 09, 2006

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Pinpoint Audience

My topic will have a specific audience. Although my audience may range I will be addressing Cindy Sherman appreciators. I will inform individuals who want to learn more about Cindy Sherman, her basic biography. I will also include her successes and how she became a famous artist.

I figure that if the audience has studied art at all that they have heard about Cindy Sherman. The extent could possibly be little. Most art appreciators know that Cindy Sherman is a artist that became famous because of her self-portraits portraying women. Most people do not know her background and how she became who she is today.

I feel that my audience will be receptive because my topic is very interesting. I think that my audience will indulge in the new information they will obtain after reading my research paper. Cindy Sherman is a unique artist who will interest and astonish many different people.

My secondary audience will include photographers. I think this will be my secondary audience because even though Cindy Sherman was famous for her images, she was not considered a photographer but an artist.

Photographers may know less than artists about Cindy Sherman because photography is a more technical subject while art is a broader subject.


Blogger kelly said...


Since i am not an art major, i do not know much about Cindy Sherman. I think that you had a great idea on discussing her background first. Letting your audience know a little bit more about your topic before you jump in, is a perfect idea. You have good ideas for a start.

2:28 PM

Blogger Chris said...

The target audience you want to hit with this paper seems right. Art and photogrpahy fans will be your best bet.

I never really studied art and I know a little about photography, but I do recognize the name Cindy Sherman.

2:42 PM


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