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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

research thus far

My research is coming along for my research paper. I have found that Cindy Sherman is quite a narrow subject and it is hard to find many biography books in the library. I found one book that is of much help and also includes many of Sherman's film stills. The biography is short and sweet but it does tell me a lot of background information that cannot be found anywhere else. I also have picked up a book that talks about female artists and focuses on Cindy's Untitled Film Stills. I am hoping that this book will give another viewpoint on Sherman's work.

Last weekend I purchased The Essential: Cindy Sherman which will help my research tremendously. The books starts from her birth to her most current works of art. The book includes lots of quotes from Cindy herself and also some quotes from other people.
The books also talks about Cindy's work as an artist and how she grew. Cindy's life seems quite interesting from the book and I cannot wait to explore it more.
I am also looking up journal articles on Sherman. I have found 2 so far and need 2 more to fulfill my article requirements. I think these articles will help form an opinion of Cindy Sherman from the public and the art world.


Blogger kelly said...

Thats great that you found books! But there is nothing on the internet? I think a great idea would be to include photos she has taken in your paper so that the reader can get an image in their head and have a better understanding of her work.

2:39 PM

Blogger Chris said...

Sounds like the research is going good. If it turns out your topic of Cindy Sherman is too broad, then maybe talk about some of her stills and art.

2:50 PM


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