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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

author's note

My paper on Cindy Sherman has many strengths and weaknesses. Although written to be more expository than persuasive, I feel that I should have more opinions of the artist from other people within my paper. I hope that throughout the audience will gain a clear understanding of the artist. I know that my topic has many different works that can be hard to explain, so I also hope that the reader can visually see the work from a description.
The weaknesses of my paper include not having enough of my sources throughout. I found that one source was very helpful and I ended up using a lot of the information within the paper. I feel that I need to broaden and use other sources for more expansion of information.
Within my paper, I include quotes directly from Cindy Sherman. I feel that this gives a more personal level for the audience to connect to. I also explain her works in chronological order so it is easier to comprehend the changes of her art throughout time.
This is more than a biography, this is an explanation of Cindy and her art, her life and how she affected the world.


Blogger Cory said...

I really never heard of Cindy Sherman till I read your paper. Your paper is interesting and should be an enjoyable read.

2:40 PM

Blogger kelly said...

I think your paper will be very intresting to read. I like to learn about new things that are common knowledge, so this is a good subject!

3:00 PM


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